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5 tips for Going Veg these holidays

So, you’re thinking about going veg? Great idea! Vegetarianism and veganism are better for the animals, better for the planet, and better for your health. Here are our tips for making a change these holidays.

1. Find your veg friends.

It’s a good idea to talk to your veg friends before you get started. You already know some vegetarians and vegans, so reach out to them. They’ll be able to give you advice and encouragement along the way. That will make it easier.

2. Do some research.

One of the best things about going veg at this time of year is that we have plenty of time. Well-balanced vegetarian and vegan diets are typically healthier than diets containing meat, but it pays to be thoughtful. There are things you need to know to be healthy – for example, vegans need to ensure they are getting enough B12. (If you become a member of the NZ Vegetarian Society, we will send you a copy of our booklet, Going Vegetarian: The Ultimate Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle.)

3. Keep it fun.

Do you like ice cream? How many flavours of vegan ice cream have you tried? Have you tasted the new Killinchy Gold Dairy Free oat desserts? Veg products are being released all the time, and it can be exciting to try them. (You’ll find lists of Vegetarian Society Approved and Vegan Certified products on our website.) You could also get involved in social events – why not go along to a vegan potluck, or organise your own veg get-together with friends?

4. Set goals.

Vegetarianism and veganism can be challenging at times. It can help to set goals. Why not try it for a set period of time? Our 21-Day Challenge is great for that! 

5. Reward yourself.

Whatever your goal is – it might be making it through Christmas without eating meat, or successfully completing the 21-Day Challenge – if you meet it, you deserve a treat! Here are our top picks:

Give it your best – we believe in you!

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