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December is the time when we re-evaluate our choices and start to make plans to improve ourselves for the new year.  The new year feels like a fresh start, a great opportunity to quit bad habits and start living a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly way of life. The best way to achieve all these is to go vegetarian or vegan.

Download our guide on how to go vegetarian / vegan for 2018

New Year, New You

Roasts, salads, gravy, desserts, dairy-free whipped cream – check out our recipes to help you and your loved ones enjoy a sumptuous and compassionate Christmas feast.


Giving a GIFT MEMBERSHIP with the NZ Vegetarian Society is the gift that keeps on giving all year.

Vegan Box Co. has generously donated one of their fabulous boxes, valued at $33, for us to give away, so everyone who gifts an NZVS membership before Christmas will automatically go in the draw to win the current box of vegan treats, as well as a free nutrition chart for you or your loved one.

(Picture is indicative. Box received will be different but just as fab.)

Keep the kids busy these school holidays with this colouring competition from NZ Anti-Vivisection Society.

Fun, educational and the chance to win.

Their new childrens book, “The Six Foot Rats”, is a gentle educational story. The book aims to introduce children to the important, yet sensitive issue of animal testing in a light and engaging manner. Whilst this topic is a serious and often upsetting one, The Six-Foot Rats instead focuses on the fundamental truth (stressing the FUN), as discovered by the lab rats in the book: animals are not humans and it is strange and bizarre to compare the two.

It can be purchased from our online shop:


Giving away this limited edition Proper Crisp Wooden box with the hottest items this summer.
NEW Proper Crunch Corn and Chipotle and Garlic – Winner of the 2017 New Zealand Food Awards.


Entries close at midday on Monday 18th December 2017. This draw is available to NZ Vegetarian Society members only. The prize may be substituted at the NZ Vegetarian Society’s discretion, and may not be redeemed for cash. The winner will be randomly drawn and contacted by email.  If no response is received within 5 working days, a new winner will be drawn.

Revive Vegetarian Recipe BoooksGrab a healthy lunchbox treat, a Zoatie breakfast cookie or any of the Revive Cafe Cookbooks from this fundraising site, and we receive a donation.

You win, we win!

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World Veg Month October – a great time to help animals, yourself and the planet! 

Imagine if you could make a difference every single day. You don’t even have to do anything extraordinary. Every meal is a chance to make change happen. It’s as simple as what you choose to eat! By keeping animal products off your plate you’re helping to save lives, protect the planet, and boost your own health too!


Eat Kind for October!

Join the fastest growing and kindest eating trend for October; World Veg Month.

Sign up to SAFE’s Eat Kind on-line challenge at and receive an email series with tips, inspiration and meal ideas.


There are lots of reasons for Kiwis to give plant-based foods and recipes a try in October, including:

Giveaway for NZ Vegetarian Society Members

The NZ Vegetarian Society has a TWO Proper Crisp Gift Bags, worth $25, to give away to two lucky NZVS members in celebration of World Veg~n Month.

Congratulations to Lauren Heath and Heather Jenkins! Enjoy your crisps!

Proper Crisps Gift Bag



Entries close on midday 30th September 2017. This draw is available to NZ Vegetarian Society members only. The prize may be substituted at the NZ Vegetarian Society’s discretion, and may not be redeemed for cash. The winners will be randomly drawn and contacted by email.  If no response is received within 5 working days, a new winner will be drawn.


Philip McKibbin: It’s only just that we think about animals

Something important is missing from our concept of justice – animals.

This becomes clear when we think carefully about our eating habits. Around the world, 70 billion animals are raised for food each year, and about two-thirds of them are factory farmed. Ignoring their sentience and their suffering, most of us continue to eat them.

Thanks to the work of organisations such as SAFE and Farmwatch, though, cruelty toward animals is getting more attention than ever before; and long-standing organisations like the NZ Vegetarian Society continue to promote ethical living. Opinions are changing.

It’s timely to ask, Where do animals fit into our concept of justice?

In 2015, Max Harris and I sketched the Politics of Love, a values-based politics that affirms the importance of people and extends beyond us to non-human animals and the natural environment. Earlier this year, I wrote an article for The Guardian, suggesting that loving justice might lead to ‘a radical reimagining of justice’. I asked readers, What if we understood the ends of justice as the alleviation of suffering (in all its forms) and the promotion of human dignity?

Now, I want to answer that question. What would loving justice look like?

I’ve had a presentation accepted for next year’s Minding Animals International Conference, entitled ‘Loving Justice and Non-Human Animals’. I’ll be carefully considering how our understanding of justice can better accommodate animal interests. The conference is in Mexico City, and right now I’m raising funds to get there. I have some awesome businesses behind me, including Angel Food and Mezze Bar, who are offering some wonderful rewards to those who donate.

Soon, I’ll be holding a public discussion on justice and animals to generate ideas.

To find out how you can get involved, please visit my PledgeMe page: Let’s Rethink Justice for Animals

Meat Free WeekAre you ready to go meat free for one week in support of Bowel Cancer New Zealand? At BCNZ, they’re passionate about encouraging New Zealanders to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Going free from meat for seven days is a great way of getting Kiwis to think about the amount of meat they eat and the impact eating too much meat may have.

You can take part in two ways: click on JOIN TEAM if you’re up for the challenge of one week without meat or GIVE NOW to donate much needed funds that will go towards New Zealanders and their families/whanau affected by bowel cancer.

Join the Team here