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What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

Help us create a kinder, healthier world.

To advocate for better animal welfare and rights, to protect our environment, to improve the health of New Zealanders, we need you!


The more members, the louder our voice!

You’ll receive our quarterly magazine, Vegetarian Living NZ, and your membership donation will support us in our important work.

You can even give someone the gift of membership. They can join as a Supporter Member if they’re not vegetarian, and receive the benefit of plenty of health and nutritional information. You never know, they might even decide to go veg for a day, a week, or forever!

Join us now to make a difference!


We need your help to make the difference we all want to see. Can you offer some time?
Maybe you’d enjoy helping at stalls, planning or hosting a local event, running a local social group or joining our committees in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch? Or perhaps you have writing, administrative, marketing, researching or financial skills you could offer.
Some things can be done from home. You might even have a great idea you’d like to get started!

Contact us, no obligation, to find out more –


Without your financial support, we can’t achieve our goals. We appreciate every donation, no matter how small.

Make a tax-deductible donation


  • Invite friends over for a decadent (or simple) vegetarian meal
  • Calmly and respectfully answer questions
  • Walk the talk – show others what a wonderful way of life vegetarianism is, just by doing it
  • Keep informed – join us on Facebook
  • Build vegetarian community – join our events

kiwikarma-logo to use

Going on holiday? Book your accommodation via Kiwi Karma – and nominate the NZ Vegetarian Society to get 5-8% of your room rate, at no extra cost to you.


Sign up to Buzz the People Surveys for us and you’ll be emailed the occassional survey to fill in.  You choose if you have the time, they don’t pester you if you don’t respond.  Earn money to help us with our work.  And the added bonus?  They get vegetarian-friendly survey results!buzzthepeople_button_white_bg