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Animal Law Week – Sept 7-14

From September 7 to 14 2017 DOVeS are hosting the annual Animal Law Week; a series of events focusing on current issues in animal law. They have worked hard to arrange a stellar line-up of speakers for Animal Law Week 2017

This year’s programme includes:

  • Dr Helena Hogberg, of the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, providing insight into how the University of Otago could work with scientists to replace animal-based research with cheaper, reliable, and more ethical alternatives;
  • Our current President Oska Rego arguing that animal welfare should be considered in the course of decision-making under the Resource Management Act;
  • Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, discussing the failure of New Zealand’s legislative recognition of animal sentience to impact animal welfare regulation;
  • Professor in Zoology Liz Slooten and Associate Professor in Law Nicola Wheen discussing the latest research into the M?ui dolphin, and what more the law could do to protect them;
  • CEO of SAFE Jasmijn de Boo discussing an argument for vegans’ rights, presented to British and European lawmakers during her time leading the Animal Welfare Party and then The Vegan Society in the UK;
  • Professor Andrew Knight, Founding Director of the University of Winchester’s Centre for Animal Welfare, presenting groundbreaking evidence that Jack the Ripper was a slaughterman, and how it links to research that localities with slaughterhouses have greater rates of violent crime amongst people.

There is a Facebook event, with more information and updates, here: