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Christchurch Vegetarian Centre to close

The Christchurch branch of the NZ Vegetarian Society, known as the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre, is set to close on the 30th June.

NZ Vegetarian Society’s National Manager speaks on The Long Lunch at RadioLIVE about the recent news article that suggested there was a small battle going on between the vegans and vegetarians.

“It’s not that the vegans have split. It’s that the committee of our Christchurch branch have decided to go and form their own independent organisation…they’re locally focussed on Christchurch events…,” Stephanie Lane says.
“I’m vegan, a lot of our committee is vegan, a lot of our members are vegan, so it’s certainly not that the vegans have deserted us!”

To find out more, read the letter sent to NZVS Christchurch members with a Q&A explanation:

Letter to Chch NZVS Members regarding closure of CVC