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Colouring page by vegan artist Lynda Bell

Here’s a colouring page by vegan artist Lynda Bell, that will keep the kid’s entertained all holidays, and result in a beautiful piece of wall art when they’re done.

Use of this artwork has been generously provided courtesy of the amazing vegan artist, Lynda Bell.

Check out her new colouring book here.

And when the kids have finished their artwork, check out our THINK KIND competition. School holidays is the perfect time to create their project. Every entrant gets a prize!

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Lynda Bell, vegan artist, colouring page - Love all Creatures

Lynda says: “My artistic motivations come from my love for animals and my passion for animal rights, mixed in with my spontaneous and somewhat wild imagination, my adoration of stories and fairytales and my belief in joy and magic. My artwork caters to people of any age. I like to capture and inspire that sense of wonder and enchantment that everybody began their life with and that everyone can find again inside.”