Dec 102008

Your Action is Needed!

More than 7,000 Monkeys, Pigs, and
Goats in Distress

Dear PCRM supporter,

As you read this, animals are being shot, burned, exposed to toxic chemicals, or are having their limbs amputated in an attempt to train soldiers to treat injuries resulting from trauma and chemical exposure. PCRM recently discovered that the Department of Defense (DoD) is training military medical personnel with monkeys, pigs, and goats. The animals are subjected to unnecessary pain and fear, even though better methods are available.

Please pledge your support to PCRM—stand with us as we challenge the DoD to provide the best medical training on behalf of our soldiers and take a stand against cruelty to animals.

The problems with current practices are many:

  • This training causes pain and suffering to animals.
  • Animals’ skin and internal organs are different from humans’ in many ways. Injured animals do not accurately mimic a human’s wounds or reactions.
  • The DoD’s continued use of animals in these programs constitutes a violation of its own animal welfare regulation.

As a PCRM supporter, I hope you will stand with us in this fight for animals. Sign the pledge of support today.

The use of human simulators, civilian trauma centers, and other methods all do a much better job at training medical personnel. What you’ll be astounded by is that other parts of the military are already using nonanimal trauma training effectively.

Read more about this issue by clicking here. But be forewarned. Some of what you’ll read is graphic. If you get upset easily when you hear about the harm inflicted on these poor animals, then take our word that this is something we must work hard to change.

You’ll hear more from PCRM in the coming weeks about our campaign to work with the DoD to use better methods to treat soldiers’ casualties without harming a single animal. We will meet in person with the DoD representatives this January, so sign the pledge of support so PCRM can show how many people stand by us!

Thank you for taking action for animals and ensuring that our soldiers receive the best training possible.

Neal Barnard, M.D.
Neal Barnard, M.D.

P.S. When you pledge your support, you’ll become part of our First Responders Team. You’ll be the first to hear about breaking news and actions to take to make a real difference.

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