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Online Support Groups

Two online support groups have been set up to help vegetarian families and new vegetarians. If you are interested in either of these groups, just follow the instructions below.

Vegetarian Discussion Group

Considering vegetarianism? Just getting started? Join our new online support group for recipes, nutrition tips and more! Join nzveg_newbies by registering with Yahoo (no charge). Use an existing email address to receive messages.
To join, click here
Or visit the group web page.

Vegetarian Families Discussion Group

Join nzvegfamilies, the new email discussion group for vegetarian families and parents of vegetarian children. With members from all around New Zealand (as well as international members with a New Zealand connection), this online group is a way to share experiences and keep current on vegetarian issues for families – and it’s free!  Discussion topics can be anything on a vegetarian theme -anything from vegetarian jelly recipes; weaning issues; class visits to McDonalds; where to shop and so on. It’s also possible to arrange meetings with other vegetarian families in your own area. To join, visit the group web page.

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