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The Video lending library is available for members to use. One video may be borrowed at a time for up to two weeks, for a modest charge of $10. This includes postage and packaging. Please write a first choice and a second choice (in the event of the preferred video being out on loan).

Vegan Fitness – Built Naturally (DVD)

This DVD features the lives of three successful vegan athletes: Natural Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke, Professional Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier, and Professional Dancer Tonya Kay. The movie covers all aspects of their lives including their nutrition programmes, what they eat, where they shop, how they prepare meals, their training programmes, and their vegan fitness lifestyles. Learn how they became successful vegan athletes.

Food For Life(UK) 24 Mins (New) available on video or DVD

Presented by vegetarian Gladiators champion Emmil Watson and actor Tina Landini. Explores the reasons for the growth of vegetarianism. Find out through compelling footage why a veggie diet reduces disease, contains every nutrient needed, saves animals, protects the environment and helps feed the developing world.

Food Without Fear (UK) 20 mins (Video)

Presented by the UK Vegetarian Society. A no-nonsense, factual and interesting account on all aspects of vegetarianism. Includes information on planet preservation and effects of deforestation, farming, egg production etc.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (USA) 25 mins (Video)

A more low key approach to vegetarianism – a softer sell! Contains interviews with famous personalities and their viewpoints.
On the same video is VEGETARIAN CUISINE FOR ATHLETES. Excellent for those with a special interest in this area.

Why You Don’t Need Meat (UK) 20 mins (Video)

Presented by the Reprive Organisation. Recommended for schools for children to teenagers. Material presented in concise manner by a young woman, with intervening illustrations of the points being made. Part of the video is in a question and answer format which makes for easy following.

Vegetarian World (USA) 25 mins (Video)

Presented by well known actor William Shatner (from Star Trek). He gives a convincing presentation as to why we would all benefit from a vegetarian diet. Different cultures arond the world that have been vegetarian for centuries are interviewd, giving a truly international approach.
This video would appeal particularly to those to whom vegetarianism is a totally new idea, and to adults rather then children. A gently yet effective presentation.

Vegetarian Kitchen (UK) (Video)

By Sarah Brown  A series of cooking demonstrations taped from a BBC television series which was shown in New Zealand. Sarah is a well-seasoned vegetarian demonstrator who has produced several books on cooking and raising vegetarian children. A practical approach.

Truth Or Dairy (UK) 22 mins (Video)

A modern approach to looking at a vegan lifestyle in today’s world, presented with humour, and is easy watching. Inspirational and informative for vegetarians wondering about taking the next step of becoming a vegan. It contains on screen data such as:

Number of people who will starve to death in one year 60 Million
Corn grown in USA to feed humans 20%
Corn grown in USA eaten by livestock 80%
Number of vegans who can be fed on same amount of land as one meat eater 20

It covers all aspects of veganism; diet, animal exploitation, clothing, pollution of planet, health, fitness, ethics, and several famous vegans are interviewed.

A Diet For All Reasons (USA) 60mins (Video)

Presented by Michael Klaper M.D., Director of the Institute for Nutrition Education and Research. A must to view by everybody, no matter what their present diet is. Very informative and well illustrated with many statistics and diagrams. Michael was brought up on a farm, and later trained as surgeon at which point he became very concered at the many fat clogged arteries he saw, which in turn prompted his research into the effect of diet on the body. He talks about protein, calcium, salt and much more in an easy to follow presentation. Life changing information for many people!

Vegetarian Nutrition – A guide for teachers & students (USA) 20mins  (Video)

Easy viewing, with a soft message that vegetarian food is fun. Various vegetarian ethnic foods are discussed. Young chefs competing in a vegetarian food competition are shown. Video will appeal in particular, to teenagers. A balanced diet is stressed and eating sensibly. Good for new vegetarians looking for pointers on the practical aspects of food from buying to cooking.

Soundbites -Vegan Culinary Delights (UK) 30mins (Video)

Two British television personalities, Wendy Turner and Benjamin Zephaniah invite their friends around for a session of animal-friendly cooking, munching, wining and dining. From a fast and fun-steeped chocolate soya milk shake to a somewhat more dignified festive feast, there’s something to suit every discerning taste. Recipes provided.

Vegging Out – (NZ) 17 Mins (Video)

Presented by the Sanitarium Nutrition Education Service – local vegetarian information with comments from Auckland teenagers.

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