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This section looks at why we want to abstain from eating meat, and provide some basic nutrition information to consider in a vegetarian or vegan diet. When you join the Society, we send you more comprehensive information and tips to live well on a vegetarian/vegan diet. For those of you who are new vegetarians, or who would like information about cooking for children, we also have pages with ideas to support you – go to our Food & Nutrition pages for recipes and tips on lifelong vegetarianism.

Some good reasons to Go Veg – a two minute video!

A short mini-series about a family exploring vegetarianism and global warming

A light-hearted exploration of a serious topic, AT THE FORK considers many of the issues surrounding our current relationship with ‘food’. When two bright teenagers begin to question what they eat, their whole family is forced to re-examine some long held assumptions about the choices they make each week at the supermarket. A seven-part drama miniseries, it reaches out to audiences, young and old, offering them thoughts seeds to carry, consider and raise around their family dinner tables.

Episode ONE      Episode TWO     Episode THREE   
Episode FOUR
     Episode FIVE     Episode SIX     Episode SEVEN

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Vegetarian Families in NZ  Provides vegetarian & vegan families resources & support.  E-mail Chat Group – chatting about everything vegetarian from pregnancy to weaning, to feeding teens.

Vegetarian Families invites you to network with other vegetarian families, post questions and share parenting experiences. We welcome all vegetarian families plus parents of children exploring a vegetarian lifestyle.

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