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If you are new to vegetarianism, you may find it helpful to look around our website and follow links to the different aspects of living a vegetarian life. We are here to support you, by providing information online, e-mail responses to your questions, and of course socialising together. We discuss ethical aspects of vegetarianism, health issues, and recipes and we welcome your contributions.

There is comprehensive information available on the internet and you are very welcome to browse here, but you will gain so much more by joining the Vegetarian Society. Not only will you receive our introductory pack and magazines, you will also benefit from the invaluable knowledge and tips that fellow members share.

Talking to other committed vegetarians reaffirms your convictions and at our gatherings you can relax and trust that all food will be safe to eat!

The Vegetarian Society is very vegan-friendly and we are able to support vegans and provide nutritional information for a vegan diet. There are many vegan-related articles and recipes in our magazine.Our events are vegan-friendly and vegans have a strong voice within the Society.

When you join the Vegetarian Society, you help us to help you and others considering going vegetarian. You will strengthen our voice!

Defending Your Diet

That’s all it is: a diet and lifestyle choice. We make them all the time and yours happen to be that you don’t eat or wear animals…. but the digs don’t stop. How do you cope? Christmas Day meals seem to bring up all the questions and ‘encouragements’ to eat meat.

Get ready for the tired old jokes. There will be people who will attempt to poke fun at your new lifestyle with jokes that could be a lot funnier. Take them with good grace and be proud of what you’re doing for animals, the environment and your own wellbeing.

We’ve asked around and as the Christmas season is such a family and social time, we’ve found that most people choose to graciously ignore the worst behaviour, and engage only in discussions where both parties will be listened to. If you’re challenged politely and a conversation would be productive, it’s a great opportunity to educate people. In other times, agreeing to disagree is the easiest way to extricate yourself from a confrontation. Providing your own beautifully presented and yummy dish is an excellent way to quell any ongoing comments. You can choose dishes from any cuisine but if you want to stay with the ‘traditional’ theme, there are nut roasts with gravy, vegan wines and beers, and wonderful desserts that you can try out.

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