NZVS Approved


When you see the NZVS Approved trademark, you can be sure the product is completely suitable for vegetarians.

Do you know how your food is produced? Do you know what all the e-numbers mean?

If not, how can you be sure the product you choose is vegetarian?

Products carrying this logo meet all of the following strict criteria:

• Free from ingredients from animal slaughter, including animal flesh (meat, fowl, fish or shellfish), meat or bone stock, animal carcass fats, gelatine, aspic and royal jelly.

• Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  The NZVS believes it is impossible to guarantee that such products are completely in accordance with the Society’s vegetarian principles. Vegetarian “rennet” used in cheese making is exempt.

• Free from eggs produced under intensive farming systems (eg battery farms). Free range eggs produced in accordance with the European Union criteria for free range egg farming can be approved. We believe that hens are more able to behave naturally, remain healthy and enjoy a better quality of life under free range conditions.

• Not tested on animals.  Any product or product containing ingredients that have been tested on animals since 1986 cannot be approved.

• Not cross-contaminated with non-vegetarian products during production or preparation.

More information

Choosing NZVS Approved products not only ensures you get a completely vegetarian suitable product, it also supports the NZVS in its work to improve animal welfare, human health and our environment and to make vegetarianism in NZ easier and more enjoyable.

Products currently NZ Vegetarian Society Approved

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