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Home Tried Favourites

Home Tried Favourites
NZ Vegetarian Society

Exciting new colour edition, spiral-bound, giving you an updated collection of favourite vegetarian and vegan recipes from NZ kitchens using everyday ingredients. Value for money!


Ultimate Vegetarian Collection - Alison Holst + Simon Holst

Ultimate Vegetarian Collection
by Alison Holst & Simon Holst

Three-in-one! A collection of Alison and Simon’s favourite recipes from their three earlier books plus some new dishes for you to try out. An inspiring collection with over 400 recipes with meals for morning, noon or night, eating indoors or out, entertaining friends or just creating for two. Easy to follow instructions, wonderfully illustrated and using NZ ingredients.


Essential Vegetarian

Essential Vegetarian

This book contains a wealth of superb vegetarian recipes from snacks to substantial meals, from soups to desserts. Beautifully illustrated and well set out with easy to follow instructions it also contains extensive information on vegetarian foods and nutrition.


The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen - Donna Klein

The Gluten Free Vegetarian Kitchen
Delicious and Nutritious Wheat-free Gluten-free Dishes
By Donna Klein

Tasty and easy-to-prepare meals-without meat, wheat, or gluten-from the author of The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. Whether due to food allergies, celiac disease, or dietary preferences, many people want to eliminate gluten from their diet. Now it can be done without losing the zest.


So What Do You Eat - Liz Cook

So, What Do You Eat?
A Practical Guide to Healthy Animal-free Nutrition and Easy Family Meals
by Liz Cook

An appealing and practical guide to healthy animal-free nutrition and easy family meals. Colourful illustrations with information on protein, minerals and vitamins, and easy to follow recipes. Vegan recipes.


Savour - Alessandra Zecchini

Irresistible Pizzas, Pies, Tarts and Bread
by Alessandra Zecchini


Vegetarian Cookbook - Nicola Graimes

Vegetarian Cookbook / Love Food
by Nicola Graimes

The cook’s guide to preparing and cooking delicious vegetarian meals. Good information and instructions regarding ingredients with colour illustrations.


Icing On The Quake

The Icing On The Quake
Christchurch Vegetarian Centre

Easy, delectable vegan baking: tested, tasted and collated into this great little recipe book by Christchurch members to raise funds for the Centre after the 2011 earthquake.


Rose Elliots Vegetarian Cookery

Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Cookery
By Rose Elliot

Easy, delectable vegan baking: tested, tasted and collated into this great little recipe book by Christchurch members to raise funds for the Centre after the 2011 earthquake.



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