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Paul Seymour Music, Art and Philosophy – Vege Songs

Caldwell Esselstyn’s Plant-Based Diet Kim Hill Interview 27/11/2010

Surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic and author of “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease’. Recommended by one of our members.

Imagine a World Without Factory Farming – SAFE’s television ad, 2 min.

The Animal Sanctuary – short video about what they do, which is positive and inspiring


Only Recipes – Alessandra Zecchini’s recipe blog

Kathy Freston – Blog entries from a vegan self-help author

The Post Punk Kitchen – Vegan recipes, forums and a blog. Amusing and informative site.

Veganism – a Truth Whose Time Has Come Includes the video ‘Dogs Thrive on a Vegan Diet’.

Ellen De Generes’ Vegan Blog – Great for seeing which celebrities have turned vegan and for the starter tips. The recipes rely on American ingredients unfortunately!



Top Vegan Athletes Changing the Face of the Vegan Lifestyle

Vegatopia - comprehensive academic resource

Paths To VeganismHelmut F. Kaplan

Challenges to the Plant-Based Diet -  “The Zone” and “Blood-Type” Diet Fads - Dr Michael Klaper

EarthSave Report: A New Global Warming Strategy – how environmentalists are overlooking vegetarianism as the most effective tool against climate change in our lifetimes. By Noam Mohr

Food Additives - E-numbers that may be derived from animal products

Museum of Vegetarianism

Famous Vegetarians

Vegetarian Quotes

How To Save Money and Go Vegan – by Kathy Freston.

Vegetarianism and Religion – thought-provoking article from the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

What Veg Activitists Might Learn from the Gay Rights Movement – by Sherry F. Colb

From the conclusion: ‘As people learn – from vegans who are “out and proud” – that farming animals causes unspeakable suffering, destroys the planet, and contributes to diseases of affluence (including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes), they will likely become more open to questioning the false proposition that meat, dairy, or eggs are necessary to a pleasurable and fulfilling human life.’

‘Free-Range’ Hen Rescue – American article about the reality of the life of farmed egg-laying hens

The Truth Behind Your Food

To Be Feminist Is To Be Vegan

Reasoning Behind Being Vegetarian

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