Animal Rights, Protection and Advocacy

In NZ:

  • NZS - New Zealand Shark Alliance – Ban Finning in NZ Waters.


OIPA – International organisation for animal protection – associated with the UN Department of Public Information. Campaigns, action alerts, petitions to sign and information.


WSPA – World Society for the Protection of Animals

FARM – Farm Animal Reform Movement. Includes
Meatout Mondays

Sea Shepherd

Social Workers for Animals (SWA)


Educational Resources

Animals and Us– Resources for teachers and students

NZ Centre for Human-Animal Studies

Humane Myth – explodes myths about ‘humane’ treatment of animals in the farming industries. Challenges and informs.

Want To Help?

Forgotten Felines - Caring for stray and homeless cats on Auckland’s North Shore.  You can volunteer for this organisation, or check out their adoption page for cats and kittens – all of Forgotten Felines’ cats are kept until being homed so please support their life-giving philosophy and adopt if you can!

Animal Re-Homing – Linda Nunn’s website for rescued animals of all types in need of safe homes. Linda is Auckland-based.

NZ Open Rescue

Save Animals From Exploitation – animal rights and education organisation

SAFE’s Freedom For Pigs Campaign – Love pigs, ban intensive pig farming

Meatout Mondays

The Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Matakana

Cat Rescue Christchurch

Cruelty Free Living

Choose Cruelty Free – Australian site which aims to make people aware of their power as consumers to change attitudes about testing products on animals

NZ Dairy Cruelty – Support, issues and information

Animal Themed Podcasts

Animal Rights and Wrongs Broadcast

Food For Thought – Podcasts by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

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