Most of us cycle through around 10 basic recipes that we cook regularly. If you’re new to being veg*n, you can transition to your new way of eating by adding one veggie meal a week until you’ve found some recipes you like and can cook on the run throughout the week.

If you’re just starting out, we encourage you to remember not to rely on cheese/dairy for every meal, and that you’ll feel in more familiar territory if you replace your former protein source with a new one. With great sauces and herbs and spices for familiar flavours too, you won’t have to miss anything.

If you need tips on how to change your diet, we have other sections to help you with that. Replacing Eggs and Dairy in recipes you already have.

The recipes below are filed under each heading they apply to,  so you can find recipes by category and ingredients.

Beans & Pulses

Nuts & Seeds

cashew roast



Vegetables & Grains



Snacks & Desserts

choc mousse

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