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URGENT my 2 yr old son and I have 14days or will lose our house due to
my ex flatmate doing a runner: flatmate or couple required! so if you know
anyoneneeding a vegan/vege house please forward this link to them!
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As a 10 year old I want to share with the world how proud I am to be vegetarian and that other kids can be too without being ashamed. I’m going to open an online clothing store that sells items that tell everyone just that. will have tshirts and other items which announce loud and proud that “I’m a kid and cruelty free”. I would like the website to become more over time, to be a resource kids can turn to for information and support but for now the goal is awareness of animal cruelty and I will be using profits to support animal welfare charities like Safe.

I need to raise $1500 towards costs such as clothing and website design, product samples, photography and advertising.

If you’d like to help, go to:

19 November 2014

Hear our very own Anna of our Christchurch branch speaking on radio…

22 September 2014


Flatmate wanted in Fitzherbert Palmerston North

5 November 2014

Flatmate wanted in Devonport Auckland

22 September 2014


What happens when a mysterious little teenager and her even more mysterious family join forces with a high-flying vegan baseball team in the heat of a Louisiana summer? Well, you’ll just have to read the “book” to find out!




is the new online release from Bill Leonard, a 37-year vegan, erstwhile award-winning radio DJ and author of Stickno Bill’s Guide to Complete Fulfillment.

Linda Leigh Hughes, surrounded by 20 avid men for an entire summer, sometimes has a hard time keeping her mind in the game while leading her teammates through the world of animal-liberation activism toward a big crescendo. Sexy and fun.

Available now in Kindle format through (Search for “Diamonds & Rats” or “Diamonds And Rats”)

and in both the Kindle format and .epub through 

Caretaker for The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Wanted

Compassionate caretaker wanted!

We have a new position at The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary for a caretaker who wants to save animal lives!

We are an animal rights sanctuary on 26 acres of land at ?taki Forks. Currently we have just 3 permanent human residents, and we need more help as we are now caring for over 160 animals

So we have decide to look for an additional caretaker to live at the sanctuary, care for animals and work on projects to improve the sanctuary. Caretakers will be committed to helping animals and willing to follow a vegan diet while on the sanctuary land. You will be a practical person who is good with animals – we care for ex-battery hens, cows, sheep, goats, horses, roosters, pigs, geese, cats and dogs. Ideally you will have your driver’s license, animal care skills and/or building skills too!

We suggest that anyone interested in being a caretaker lives at the sanctuary for an initial trial period of one week. If everything works out for you and us, you will move into the sanctuary house as a caretaker (we have a bedroom set aside for this, so you will have your own room). It’s a sunny warm space with awesome views, including a little patch of sea! We tend to be a busy place during summer (with WWOOFers, volunteers etc staying), but it is much quieter during the winter months. You will have free accommodation, but contribute to power bills and provide your own (vegan) food, supplemented by our organic vege gardens. You will also spend 15 to 20 hours a week caring for animals and working on sanctuary projects. The position is not paid, but we may be able to offer some part-time paid work at our new ?taki Opportunity for Animals op shop (opening soon!).

The Black Sheep supports animal liberation, and is opposed to all forms of oppression — check us out at

Please email us at if you are interested. We’d love to hear from you!


Are You Able To Help?

Animal Re-homing

Linda Nunn has become well known for her relentless hard work for animal rights and welfare, especially in the Auckland area. Among other agencies, she has worked alongside ‘Auckland Animal Action’, ‘Save Animals from Exploitation’, the SPCA, the Humane Society, Animal Control, Councils, etc and has been involved in helping hundreds of animals over the years. If you can offer a home for any of the animals mentioned in her current newsletter, follow the link below for profiles of these animals in need

Animal Rehoming

Radio Show

Food For Thought

Food For Thought, a vegetarianism and animal rights radio show, is looking for people to be interviewed. Send me an email with the title ‘Interview’ in the subject box for a chance to express your views on animal rights and vegetarianism.

On the show I will play songs by vegetarian bands (like Greenday and Good Charlotte), share veggie recipes, interview animal rights groups and discuss animal rights issues.

Food For Thought, Wednesdays 4:30pm on 1206AM (Waikato) or 106.7FM (Hamilton city) or online at Food For Thought Community Radio (everywhere!)

Radio Show

The V Word Episodes

Get the latest podcast from this link -> V Word Podcasts

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