High School Video Competition 2014


A fantastic opportunity to win over five thousand dollars’ worth of prizes, enhance your CV and learn more about the food you eat.

Entrants will receive a participation certificate for their CV.  Winning entries of each category will win a prize to the value of $1000, and the school with the overall winning entry will be the recipient of a substantial prize.

Entries must be submitted by 31st August 2014.

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Email us with your school’s name, contact person, and email address.

Post entries to:

Video Competition
New Zealand Vegetarian Society
PO Box 26-664
Auckland 1344

We will return the memory sticks/USB drives with the participation certificates.




  1. The competition is open to any currently enrolled pupils (years 9 – 13) in New Zealand secondary schools or pupils (years 9-13) enrolled in New Zealand’s homeschooling programme. This production can be incorporated into course curriculum, but should stand alone as a complete short video in the context of the competition.
  2. Entry is free.
  3. All entries must be submitted by 31st August 2014. Results will be announced on World Vegetarian Day, 1st October 2014.
  4. The submitted video should be two to five minutes long.
  5. Categories:
    Choose a topic from any category below. Examples of topics are bullet-pointed below.
    Multiple entries are welcome.

    • Animal Advocacy: Putting Vegetarian Values into Practice
      (Prize:  Gift pack including Vouchers for From Nature Skin Care & Hell Pizza,
      E.L.E reusable shopping bags and health supplements)

      • For the animals: choosing ethical foods.
      • Sold a lie: those animals are not happy down on the farm.
      • The power consumers wield to improve and save animals’ lives.
    • Vegetarian Living                    Kindly Sponsored by  NZ Vegetarian Approved - New Way
      (Prize:  $1000 cash)

      • Why it is great to be a vegetarian or vegan.
      • Living with kindness and compassion: the vegetarian/vegan perspective.
      • The low down on a vegetarian/vegan meal, including time required and
    • Protecting the Environment          Kindly Sponsored by  South Seas Film and Television School
      (Prize:  Four x Full Day Introductory courses of choice, at North Shore, Auckland)

      • The impact of farming on the environment.
      • The environmental impact of the standard NZ diet versus vegetarian/vegan diet: a comparison.
      • Fishing is killing our oceans: waste, destruction, and devastation in the deep blue.
    • Nutrition and Health                    Kindly Sponsored by  Quorn - vegetarian protein food
      (Prize:  $1000 cash)

      • Vibrant health and plant power: the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet.
      • Busting myths about vegetarian/vegan diets.
      • Vegetarian/vegan achievers and sportspeople.


  6. There will be a prize for the best entry in each category. The overall winner shall be chosen from the finalists in each category. The school of the overall winner shall also receive a prize. Each entrant will receive a participation certificate.
  7. Items to be submitted with this video (forms to be supplied with entry pack in February):
    1. Entry form.
    2. Reference form. All facts used in the videos must be referenced and verified.
    3. Actors’ permission form. To be signed by all actors/people appearing in the video.
    4. Music permission form. If music is used on the video, written permission to use the music must be included with the entry form.
    5. USB or DVD disk with the video file on it (these will be returned with your participation certificates).
  8. If you enter more than one video, you must fill out separate entry forms for each video. Schools may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as each is a complete stand-alone work.
  9. Each video must be the work of the pupils only (although the assistance of the supervising teacher at various stages of the production is permitted and expected). Actors within the production may be any age.
  10. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the file submitted meets all technical requirements.
    • Container (file type): AVI, MP4, MOV
    • Codec: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4
    • Aspect Ratio: Native aspect ratio without letterboxing (e.g. 4:3, 16:9)
    • Resolution: 720p
    • Audio format: MP3 or AAC (preferred)
    • Frames per second: 30
    • Maximum file size: 1 GB
  11. No videos that are “objectionable” will be considered. The videos must be suitable for general audiences. Specifically, there must be no harm to animals.
  12. Each entry will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Visual Impact
    2. Conciseness and content of message
    3. Originality, creativity, and innovation
    4. Effort
    5. Finished quality
    6. Relevant age group and experience
  13. Each video must contain a title and credits.
  14. By submitting the video into the competition you give the New Zealand Vegetarian Society Inc your permission to use the video for promotional purposes, in whatever way the Society deems fit.

We’d like to acknowledge the generous support of:

NZ Vegetarian Approved - New Way South Seas Film and Television School Quorn - vegetarian protein food

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NZ Vegetarian Society Approved - From Nature Natural Products NZVS Approved - Hell Pizza
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