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Eat Kind for October Challenge

World Veg Month October – a great time to help animals, yourself and the planet! 

Imagine if you could make a difference every single day. You don’t even have to do anything extraordinary. Every meal is a chance to make change happen. It’s as simple as what you choose to eat! By keeping animal products off your plate you’re helping to save lives, protect the planet, and boost your own health too!


Eat Kind for October!

Join the fastest growing and kindest eating trend for October; World Veg Month.

Sign up to SAFE’s Eat Kind on-line challenge at and receive an email series with tips, inspiration and meal ideas.


There are lots of reasons for Kiwis to give plant-based foods and recipes a try in October, including:

  • Kinder on animals who value their own lives as much as we do ours. Trying veg meals is a great way to minimise harm and make positive ethical choices.

  • Great taste and health benefits –a veg diet is full of vitamins and cancer fighting compounds, and packed with probiotics for optimal gut health. It’s also low in saturated fat and high in fibre, reducing the risk of heart disease

  • More cafes and restaurants are dedicating themselves to healthy and tasty plant based eating. Increasingly diners request less animal protein and more ramped up vegetable dishes.

  • Quitting meat is gentle on the environment –plant-based eating is more efficient; utilising fewer resources such as land, water and energy, creating less pollution and harmful emissions. Not only that- It’s easy and affordable

  • It’s cool to be kind- trying veg meals is a great way to minimise harm and make positive ethical choices. A vegetarian on average, saves the lives of 96 animals every year; a vegan saves even more.

  • You can experiment with a whole world of new foods. Grains like quinoa, amaranth, barley, couscous and freekeh, legumes like chickpeas, black beans and lentils, nuts and seeds as well as plant milks like oat, almond, soy and rice.