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The Big FAT Lie – the kiwi plant based doco, Premiere Screening

Thursday, 15 November 2018 from 19:30-21:30

“It’s better than ‘What the Health'” – Dr Luke Wilson.

At age 58 Grant is rushed to hospital with a heart attack. This documentary tells his story of discovering how a Whole Foods Plant Based diet could turn his life around, and his journey to find out why the Ministry of Health hadn’t warned him about the real dangers of fat in his diet. Grant also seeks interviews with the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Society, Fonterra and Beef+Lamb.

In the course of his journey Grant interviews 6 professors, 9 doctors and numerous health business specialists, plus shares case studies where people are delivered from; heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases.

Theatre MLT1, 303-G23, Princes St, University of Auckland (free parking on Princes St, theatre ground floor Science Centre, Wellesley end)

Hosted by Whole Food Plant Based – Australia & New Zealand

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