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NZVS 75th Anniversary Dinner with Special Menu (100% plant-based)

The NZ Vegetarian Society is celebrating its 75th year of operation and to mark this significant occasion we are having a special dinner with our members and supporters at the Heritage (Auckland). Everyone is welcome whether you are a member, supporter or general public.

Celebrate this milestone with us by enjoying divine food, good company, talks and a raffle. Everyone will get a Goodie Bag (worth over $50) to take home.

Your ticket also includes free vegan bubbly (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and wine.

Come and join in the celebrations. Book your place now. Current NZVS members were sent a voucher code ($10 off). If you haven’t received it or misplaced it, just give us a ring on 09 523 4686 or email

If you are not sure whether you are a current member, contact us. Not a member yet? It’s not too late to join and then claim your voucher code.

Please note that the Heritage Entrance to Conference Room is via 11 Wyndham Street.