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Thank you, CareSaver

Like other charities, we at the NZ Vegetarian Society rely on donations. Since events are on hold and household incomes are likely to drop, our revenue from these sources is likely to fall.

In times like this, we are especially grateful to be one of CareSaver’s chosen charity partners. CareSaver focuses on investing ethically, and 20% of their management fees are donated to charities like us.

CareSaver’s charity partners

What’s more, their animal welfare policies are the strongest of any of the KiwiSaver providers. They exclude companies that test cosmetics on animals, and companies involved in factory farming, as well as fossil fuel companies (which contribute to biodiversity loss), companies involved in the more general exploitation of animals (such as circus or theme park activities), whaling and more.

Why not join them? It only takes a few minutes.

Find out more.

CareSaver Ethical KiwiSaver