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2019 Think Kind Competition – Runner Ups

We received so many well-written essays, poems, narratives, stories, letters, informative slides, cute drawings, creative posters, smart and educational videos, a song that have been performed in front of a whole class, action projects…and even a Scratch coding project too! The creativity of the students is very impressive! It will make the judging process hard, but we have selected the finalists. You can vote on the finalists until 1st November. The winner’s school will receive $1,000 cash. Vote on the finalists now!

Here are the runner up entries – we love them all! Which one is your favorite?


Berkley Normal Middle School – Year 8 (poem only, the design was made by us)

Poem An Act of Kindness

Berkley Normal Middle School – Year 7 (poem only, the design was made by us)

Poem - Forever


Newlands Intermediate School – Year 8 (video)

Timatanga Community School – Year 8 

Mission Heights Junior College – Year 8 

Baverstock Oaks Primary School – Year 6

Bucklands Beach Intermediate – Year 7

Devon Intermediate School – Year 7

Parkvale Primary – Year 6

St Joseph Pukekohe – Year 8 

Shotover Primary – Year 6

Congratulations to all merit winners.

Thank you, everyone, who participated in the 2019 Think Kind Competition. We loved each and every projects!!