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Think Kind Resources

Think Kind Resources

Resources for the Think Kind Student Competition – guidelines, posters, inspiration, lesson plans and more!

Here are some resources that you may find useful. Have a look before you enter 2019 Think Kind Student Competition.

If you haven’t already, please make sure you read the guidelines!

Think Kind 2019 Guidelines

Project ideas – download this document for some cool ideas.

Think Kind Project ideas

Thinking of shooting a short film? Check out this guide.

How to make a short film

Supporting forms – if you use music, actors in your short film, you’ll need to fill out these forms too. If you haven’t referenced the facts use mentioned in your project (e.g. you can include them in the credits in the short film, in case it’s an essay, you can just write references in the essay etc.) please fill out a reference form too. Download Supporting Forms

Need more inspiration, ideas? Check out the winning projects from previous years or check out our youtube channel.



Thank you for looking at this competition for your students. We know teachers are busy people, so we’ve provided some resources to help make this easy for you. 

The THINK KIND competition is a great motivation for students. Every student gets a prize and a certificate. Here are some project ideas for teachers to choose from, or feel free to think up your own.

In Auckland we can also have an experienced speaker available – get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a school talk.

Download the competition poster to display in the classroom/noticeboard etc. 

Think Kind Poster

Project ideas – download this document for some cool ideas.

Project Ideas

NZ Curriculum based lesson plans

Lesson Plans 1-3 Years

Lesson Plans 4-6 Years

Lesson Plans 4-7 Years

Lesson Plans 8-11 Years

Need more ideas/help or having trouble entering the competition? Let us know about it. Email us on