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Supporting a Vegetarian Family Member

Supporting a Vegetarian Family Member

Being the only vegetarian in a home is not always easy. Having a child become vegetarian can be challenging for non-vegetarian households. But with mutual respect and open minds, these differences can be successfully dealt with. They can even open up some exciting new food experiences for everyone. Generally, having a vegetarian family member results in better food and nutrition knowledge all round, and often improvements in everyone’s diet.

So, accept this challenge with open arms! It’s a great journey.

Tips to try:

  • Cook the meat in meals separately and add at the end, after the vegetarian’s portion has been dished.
  • Make easy vegetarian versions of meals for the whole household, eg nachos with beans, falafels, curries.
  • Replace chicken in dishes with tofu.
  • Add beans, nuts and seeds to salads for iron and protein.
  • Use vegetarian meat alternatives, eg vege sausages, bacon, mince, burger patties, pies, etc.
  • Make large vege meals and freeze in portion sizes for a quick meal for the vegetarian family member when the main meal is not easily made veg.
  • Have the whole household embrace Meatless Mondays.  It’s better for your health and better for the environment.
  • Find some good vegetarian or vegan recipes everyone in the family enjoys