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About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement

To increase vegetarianism (including veganism) to reduce cruelty to animals, improve human health, protect the environment and preserve world resources.

We do this by encouraging plant-based choices through education, information, support, campaigns and research.

The NZ Vegetarian Society was formed in 1943, and we’ve been working hard since then!

We’re all on the same Vegetarian Path!

The NZ Vegetarian Society is for everybody. We are inclusive of everyone on the vegetarian path, from those reducing their use of animal products through to vegans.

Though there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan diets, and veganism includes other lifestyle factors, we are all on the same path. Vegans are vegetarians too! Many vegetarians also avoid some other animal products such as leather, fur, eggs or dairy. There is a range of vegetarianism within the broad term “vegetarian”.

The NZ Vegetarian Society is for all vegetarians. We support all types of vegetarians and anyone considering it. We help people to make the change to vegetarianism and/or veganism. Our members, staff and committees include vegans and vegetarians. You can still be a member if you support what we stand for, even if you’re not yet vegetarian yourself.

The NZ Vegetarian Society believes every action that reduces animal deaths is a good one. The fact that we include all vegetarians is one of the things that makes the NZ Vegetarian Society unique and special. And effective.

What do we do?

  • We help people go vegetarian and stay vegetarian
  • We publish a quarterly magazine, Vegetarian Living NZ and pamphlets on many aspects of veg~n living
  • Run a student competition each year in order to get students learning about the food they eat and the impact of their choices on their health, the environment and on animals
  • Arrange public events, talks, cooking demonstrations, movie & quiz night etc.
  • Run stalls at various Expos and Festivals where we promote a veg~n lifestyle
  • We provide advice and information to support families, individuals, health professionals, caterers and many others.
  • Run groups like the Active 4 Animals in Auckland or Veg~ns Over Forty Drinks and Nibbles in Wellington
  • We keep veg~nism in the news, feeding the real facts and representing veg~s across the NZ media.
  • Our Vegetarian Society Vegan and Vegetarian Trademarks accredit good practice and allow vegetarians and vegans to shop and eat out with confidence.