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20 reasons to go veg in 2020

December is the time when we re-evaluate our choices and make plans to improve ourselves for the new year. The new year feels like a fresh start and is a great opportunity to quit bad habits and start living a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly way of life. The best way to achieve all these is to go vegetarian or vegan.

We’ve collected 20 great reasons to go veg at the start of the new decade. You can also download our free New Year booklet from that page too.

Ready to start? Join the NZ Vegetarian Society for support and to get our informative Welcome Pack or simply get a Veg Start Kit today. Most vegetarians and vegan say that the only thing they have regretted is to not going veg earlier! The new year is a great opportunity to start a kinder, healthier lifestyle! 🙂