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Become a Member

Become a Member

Join us and help make a kinder, healthier world.

Being a member of the NZ Vegetarian Society means you gain information, support and a vegetarian community around you. But it also means you’re a part of the solution.

The more people who go veg, the more sustainable our world. The less animals who suffer. The healthier people will be. Our health care resources will be able to stretch further.

And we need you to make it happen.

Your membership adds numbers to our voice.  It provides much needed funds so we can help people make the change.

As a NZ Vegetarian Society member you’ll recieve:

  • New member pack, including our Going Vegetarian booklet
  • Weekly tips and useful info sent to you for 12 weeks
  • Our magazine, Vegetarian Living NZ, four times a year
  • Monthly email newsletter with local and global veg news, events and more


  • Be part of a vegetarian community
  • Be able to join our events
  • Increase our numbers so our voice is better heard
  • Have a warm glow knowing you’re making a difference

Join us now to make a difference!

Membership Fees

Standard Member

  • $40 annually
  • Plus joining fee of $5
  • Includes vegetarian family living in your home

Under 21 / Over 65s

  • $25 annually
  • Plus joining fee of $5

Donor Member (fully tax-deductible)

  • $5 or more per month, or $60 per year
  • Includes family living in your home
  • The best option for us as we get more funds and it costs you no more since you can claim a third back through your tax refund.

International Member

  • $60 annually (to cover extra overseas postage)
  • Plus joining fee of $5
  • Includes vegetarian family living in your home
  • Paypal payment only

Ready to go?

Become a member or renew your membership right now by filling in our
Online Membership Form

Donations are tax-deductible

We are a registered charity so your donation is tax deductible. The extra funds will help the us in our work of running campaigns, providing information and supporting people to go veg and stay veg.

Bank Account Number: ASB 12 3045 0360126 02

Charities Commission: #CC33987

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Your New Member’s Pack includes – the latest issue of our magazine, Going Vegetarian booklet, welcome letter & information (plus discount vouchers, freebies from our vegetarian/vegan certified companies when available)