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Vegetarians don’t eat:

  • red meat
  • chicken or any other poultry
  • fish
  • shellfish or crustaceans
  • by-products of the slaughterhouse e.g. gelatine, rennet and animal fats.

What vegetarians want:

  • dishes using alternative protein such as tofu, tempeh, nuts and legumes
  • clearly marked vegetarian and vegan options
  • innovative, tasty dishes

What vegetarians don’t want

  • bland and boring food
  • cheese produced using animal rennet (from the stomach of slaughtered calves)
  • animal fat – shortening, lard, tallow, suet and dripping, not even to line the bakeware
  • fish of any kind, including shellfish and crustacea, including hidden in sauces
  • aspic, caviar, chitin (from crab shells), cochineal (E120)
  • gelatine (gelling agent derived from animal bones and skin)
  • a vegetable platter or any other main course dish with no protein.

Some Suggestions

  • Look out for hidden ingredients, such as animal fat, gelatine and anchovies which could be in some products, including ice cream, margarine, stocks, soups, pastry, biscuits, bread products and Worcester sauce.
  • Meat substitutes are readily available and can be used to make vegetarian versions of traditional dishes.
  • Meat and faux meat is not the only source of protein – get creative with beans, peas, nuts, tofu and tempeh.
  • Vegetarian cheese is now widely available, but make it an optional ingredient so dairy-free vegetarians can still enjoy the option
    use free range eggs, but make it an optional ingredient so egg-free vegetarians can still enjoy the option.