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Vegetarian Society Approved Products

Approved products carry the Vegetarian Society Approved  trademark. When you see this symbol, you can be sure the product is completely suitable for vegetarians.

Easy choice! All the products below are 100% vegetarian — guaranteed!

By being members of the NZ Vegetarian Society these companies support the work we do.

If you know of any products that might benefit from NZVS Approved certification, please contact them and suggest it. This not only helps other vegetarians to easily recognise suitable products, it also lets businesses know people are looking for vegetarian products.

Vegetarian Society Approved for Businesses

If you’re a business with products that might fit the criteria for NZVS Approved status, find more information here.


  • Burger Fuel

    Burger Fuel

    Burger patties for Beetnik GT and V-Dub Vege Burger patties and Motobites.

  • Hell


    Serving the best damned vegetarian pizzas since 96.
    Purgatory, Pride, Damned, Limbo, Sinister (vegan), Green Demon (pasta), Quorn Tenders. NZVS Approved vegan cheese available.

  • Heritage Auckland, Hectors Restaurant & Lobby Bar

    Heritage Auckland, Hectors Restaurant & Lobby Bar

    You’re Somewhere Special
    Extensive vegan menu, raw vegan breakfast buffet and plant-based lobby.


  • GoodnessMe


    We’re all about the good stuff
    Tasty range of fruit snacks made with 70% pear-based fruit and juice, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, 100% vegetarian and allergen free.

  • Horners


    A taste you can trust.
    Mint Chews, Fruit Chews.

  • Lewis Road Creamery

    Lewis Road Creamery

    Aiming to create the world’s best butters and milks here in NZ.
    A blend of NZ’s best export butters to a recipe that betters anything else on our supermarket shelves. Premium milk and organic cream.

  • Linda McCartney

    Linda McCartney

    Food to come home to
    Sausages, Sausage Rolls, Country Pies, Vegemince, Farmhouse Pies, Mushroom & Ale Pies, Italian Sausages, Vegetarian Burgers, Mozzarella Burgers, Cheese, Leek and Red Onion Plaits. *UK VegSoc Approved

  • New Way

    New Way

    Flaky Puff Pastry (vegan), Sweet Short Pastry; Just for Starters: Spinach & Feta, Pumpkin & Cream Cheese.

  • Proper Handcooked Crisps

    Proper Handcooked Crisps

    Proper Handcooked Crisps – Marlborough Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Rosemary and Thyme, Marlbourough Sea Salt and Vinegar. Kumara Crisps and Parsnip Crisps. Brett McGregor Kumara Crisps. Kumara Chipotle & Garlic.

  • Purebread


    Bread, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free…
    Vegan Grain and Vegan Young Buck (gluten free). Order online.

  • Quorn


    The world’s favourite meat free, soy free food
    *UK VegSoc Approved

  • The Soy Works

    The Soy Works

    100% NZ grown soybeans. Gluten, dairy & palm oil free. NZ Tofu, Marinated Tofu, Vegetarian Herb Sausages, Vegetarian Cajun Sausages.

  • Yoplait


    Yoplait Greek yoghurts: Natural, Honey, Vanilla and Lite Natural


  • Good Buzz Kombucha

    Good Buzz Kombucha

    Love ya guts!
    Kombucha is a healthful addition to your daily wellness routine, providing a source of probiotics, active enzymes and organic acids in a refreshing low-sweetness fizzy soft drink. Seven flavours.


  • Au Natural Skinfood

    Au Natural Skinfood

    For Your Skin. For Your Planet.
    Advanced Manuka skincare.

  • Azurlis


    Ethical skin care… cruelty-free beauty in a precious world. Because we all care more.

  • Flowmotion


    Enhancing the flow of sexual intimacy – organically.

  • Kiwiherb


    Specialists in Natural Family Healthcare.
    Premium NZ herbal medicine.