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Does your KiwiSaver provider care about saving the planet?

Now you can support the NZ Vegetarian Society through KiwiSaver, while investing your funds ethically!


A new KiwiSaver scheme has recently partnered with us to help make a world of difference. They’re called CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme issued by Pathfinder Asset Management. They focus on investing ethically and donate 20% of their management fees are donated to charities like the NZ Vegetarian Society when people choose to join them. Check out their product disclosure statement and their ‘people, planet, principles and profit’ approach at The best of all, they have a very strong animal welfare policy.

We are proud to be one of the chosen charities partnering with CareSaver. You may find this offers you a KiwiSaver Scheme that shares your values.

Why CareSaver?

It’s called CareSaver because it’s KiwiSaver for Kiwis who care about the planet and its people. It’s also for Kiwis who care about investing wisely for their retirement.

Pathfinder has been managing investments ethically for nearly a decade and are a ‘conscious investor’ – conscious of getting the best possible returns, conscious of protecting the planet, and conscious of doing the right thing for people.

Pathfinder’s animal welfare policies are the strongest of any KiwiSaver provider. They exclude companies that test cosmetics on animals, and companies involved in factory farming, as well as fossil fuel companies (which contribute to biodiversity loss), companies involved in the more general exploitation of animals (such as circus or theme park activities), whaling and more.

It’s Easy to Switch

All you have to do fill out a simple online form. Visit where you will find a copy of the CareSaver product disclosure statement as well as their ‘people, planet, principles and profit’ approach. Please nominate the NZ Vegetarian Society as your chosen charity if you switch to CareSaver.

Change to CareSaver

Does your KiwiSaver provider care about saving the planet?


This advertisement relates to an offer of financial products made by Pathfinder Asset Management Limited (Pathfinder) as the manager of the CareSaver Kiwisaver scheme. Pathfinder is the sole issuer and offeror of the financial products. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the CareSaver Kiwisaver scheme can be downloaded from or you can contact Pathfinder directly to obtain a copy of the PDS. The NZ Vegetarian Society is not acting as a financial adviser, broker or offeror and nothing in this advertisement constitutes financial advice. If you require further information, the NZ Vegetarian Society recommends that you contact Pathfinder or an authorised financial adviser. The NZ Vegetarian Society does not accept responsibility for any information provided in relation to the CareSaver Kiwisaver scheme.