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Christmas Special – Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit

$62.90 $35.00



A perfect Christmas gift for vegetarians and vegans or those considering going veg.

The pack includes:

  • Home Tried Favourites Recipe book (Normally, $25) – over 80 easy to make 100% plant-based recipes. A5 size, 128 pages
  • Vegetarian Living, NZ magazine (value: $7.9) – the official publication of the NZ Vegetarian Society
  • Going Vegetarian Booklet (value: $15) – Everything you need to know about how to go and stay vegetarian/vegan. Covers the reasons to go veg, the nutrition, recipes and much more. 48 pages
  • Plant-based Nutrition Chart (value: $8) – A4 size, laminated with helpful information – a must-have in every vegetarian/vegan household
  • A6 size notebook (value: $5) ‘Be kind to every kind’ sticker, comes in different colours
  • Shopping Bag (value $2) – ‘vegetarianism doesn’t cost the earth’

Total value over $60 + good karma 🙂 Profit from the sale will go towards the work of the NZ Vegetarian Society.

December is the time when we re-evaluate our choices and start to make plans to improve ourselves for the new year.  The new year feels like a fresh start, a great opportunity to quit bad habits and start living a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly way of life. The best way to achieve all these is to go vegetarian or vegan. Our starter kit will support you in your vegetarian journey.

Get a kit to your loved ones and help them convert towards this kinder way of life. Alternatively, you could also get them a gift membership (includes the quarterly magazine & the going vegetarian booklet and you can add optional extras to go with the membership) – it’s a gift that keeps on giving all year!

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