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THINK KIND – Student Competition

THINK KIND – Student Competition

THE ENTRY NOW HAS BEEN CLOSED – Thank you all of you who entered the competition. We’ll be in touch soon.

In case you missed out this year, make sure to enter next year. 

Every student who enters receives a certificate and a small gift*

Come and take part in our awesome new student competition. It’s a chance for school students to engage with issues they care deeply about, and learn how to use their skills and strategies to make a positive impact in their communities and in the world.

This student competition is designed to empower students to think critically and ethically about our relationship with other animals.

*limit: 2 gift vouchers per project (if entering as a team) and everyone will receive 1 voucher only even if multiple entries are submitted.

Anything goes!

Art – Literature – Action

Choose any project.  The topics covered must include being kind to animals through dietary or lifestyle choices and how that helps animals, our planet and/or human health.

All you need to do is complete a project (small or large) and show us what you did.

Our THINK KIND 2018 Student Competition is a part of the NZ Vegetarian Society’s 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Competition Rules

Teacher Resources


Students are invited to submit their projects online before 13th of August 2018. These can be done any time from 5th of March.

Projects can be done individually, as a team, or as a class. To enter, simply fill in the entry form on this website and upload or send a short video, pdf or photos of your project.

Entrants may submit as many projects as they like. Each entrant will receive a special certificate acknowledging their efforts and one emailed voucher gift (limited to 2 vouchers per team). There are spot prizes that will awarded over the length of the competition. The earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win!

The schools that submit the most number of entries per category (based on percentage size of school) will win a prize at the end of the competition valued at $750, $500 and $250 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

At the end of the competition we will pick our top 10 favourite projects and put them to a public vote starting on 1st October 2018, World Vegetarian Day, with the grand winner being announced on 1st of November, World Vegan Day. The school winning this will get the$1000 cash prize.

If references are included in your project you must fill in the Reference Form and submit with your entry.
If actors or music are used in your project, you must fill in the Actor’s Permission and/or Music Forms.

2018 Think Kind Reference/Actors/Music Forms

Project Ideas


Organise an Awareness Week

Hold an Awareness Week and learn about the needs of farmed animals. Create a ‘Did You Know?’ display to share your knowledge with the rest of the school and suggest ways that humans can do better.

Write a letter to a company

Find out which companies test their products on animals and write a letter asking them to switch to humane alternatives.

Arrange a school fundraiser

Pick a charity that helps animals exploited by the food or entertainment industry. This might include an organisation that rehomes ex-racing dogs or horses or campaigns to end factory farming or rodeo. Fundraising ideas could include baking and selling animal-free treats or hosting a talent show for your school community.

Write a letter to your local MP

Research an animal rights issue that has been in the media recently. This could include the live export trade, phasing out of battery cages and the new not-so-improved colony cages for hens, the use of farrowing crates in pig farming, rodeo, or greyhound racing. Write to your local MP asking him or her to represent your voice in parliament.

Start Meatless Mondays at school

Research the major animal welfare concerns within the meat industry. Start Meatless Mondays or a daily vegan option at your school canteen to reduce your school’s meat consumption. You can even organise a petition or a signed pledge.

Identify animal products in your school

Make a list of animal products used around the school. It could be eggs, wool, dairy products or leather. Research how these products are made and brainstorm ideas for more humane and better alternatives.

Distribute posters and flyers

Choose an issue and create posters and flyers to distribute to your school or local community.

Create a petition

Learn about the importance of petitions in social justice movements. Choose an issue that you care about, such as ending animal dissections, chick hatching programs, or hunting fundraisers and create an effective petition.

Hold a veg cooking competition

Bring Masterchef to your school and learn how to cook with kindness.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Gandhi



Deliver a speech

Make your speech this year about animal rights or welfare, and record it to share with us. Ask for a slot at your school assembly to address an issue and ask others to be involved.

Hold a debate

Debate whether or not animal sentience should matter in industries like the meat, dairy,egg and fishing industries. Consider all possible ethical, economic and social viewpoints.

Write an essay

Research an animal rights topic and write an essay exploring the topic of animal sentience. Students should relate their idea to how humans ought to treat animals used in exploitative industries. Write an opinion piece for the school newsletter, magazine or start a class blog.

Write a brief history of Veg~ns and effects of Veg~nism on the world

Some ideas to look into:

  • research famous vegetarians through the ages
  • What did veg~ns eat back then? What do they eat now?
  • How animals were treated in back then? How has it changed? Why did it change?
  • How has the state of the environment changed over the years due to increase in meat production?
  • The NZ Vegetarian Society’s 75 years of advocacy – since 1943

Write a creative story from the perspective of an animal

Choose an animal such as a pig, horse or greyhound and write a story from the animal’s perspective. Research what your animal likes to do for fun, what they like to eat, and how they interact with others.

Make a video

Compile a video which explores the life of a hen raised to lay eggs, a horse bred for racing, or a dairy cow raised to produce milk. SResearch your topic and get creative. It could be a sketch video, a mock news report or a documentary-style production.

Perform a dance story, play or musical

Learn about how performance can convey important ideas while entertaining an audience. Write and perform your own dance story, play or musical which explores sentience in relation to animals used in food production, entertainment or animal testing.

Make a web page

Fill it with information on your topic of choice.

“People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass’’- Pino Caruso



Design a poster

Learn about environmental effects of farming and create a visual display of what you have learned.

As the Worldwatch Institution Stated ” the human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future—deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.”

Create a mural

Discover the ability of images to convey the importance of animal sentience. Create a temporary mural in your school using large sheets of construction paper, paints or magazine clippings, and include a simple message like ‘Be kind to animals’ or ‘Animals have feelings too’.

Write and record a song

Discuss the power and use of music, and compare music used in television commercials, film scores and political campaigns. Compose and record a piece of music to convey the importance of kindness to animals.

See previous year’s winning film entries

With thanks to . This competition is based on the highly successful Australian Think Kind competition.

Download our Competition Poster for your kids, your school’s notice board or for your friends.

Download Competition Poster

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