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THINK KIND 2019 – Student Competition

We are excited to announce we are continuing our Think Kind student competition in 2019. The Think Kind student competition is an opportunity for NZ students to give a voice to animals and demonstrate kindness and compassion for them; learn about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture on our planet and learn how the human body can thrive on a plant-based diet.  The competition is supported with a NZ curriculum-based lesson plan. Projects can be done individually, as a school team, or as a class. Every student will receive a certificate and a prize. 

How it works 

Step 1: Download the Guidelines for 2019

Think Kind guidelines

Make sure you read the guidelines – if you have questions, email us on

Are you a teacher? Download educational project ideas, lesson plans and worksheets from our Think Kind Resources page. In Auckland we also have a wonderful guest-speaker available – get in touch with us to organise a school talk.

Students, check out our Think Kind resources page for inspiration and help!

Step 2: Carry out your project

Choose a project (action, literature, art) that demonstrates kindness towards animals or raises awareness about animal issues in your school or local community. These can be done anytime from now until early August.

The topics covered in your entry must include being kind to animals through dietary or lifestyle choices (e.g. not eating animals, not wearing leather/fur, not visiting rodeos/greyhound races, avoiding products that use animal testing).
Show us how treating animals kindly helps (in one or more of the following ways):

  • Human health (hint: vegetarians live longer, weigh less and are healthier, red and processed meats are carcinogenic, animal foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol while plants are packed with nutrients). Show us your favourite healthy recipe, your veg~n hero, etc. Click here to read about the health benefits of a diet that is kind to animals too.
  • Animals (ideas: research how many animals are killed in NZ for food, at what age they are slaughtered versus their natural lifespan, the conditions they are kept in, what is the link between animal agriculture and the threatened population of native animals, etc.). Start here
  • Our planet (think: the animal agriculture’s contribution to greenhouses gas emissions, resource use, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, pollution, waterway degradation, ocean unbalance and declining fish populations). Start here

Step 3: Submit your project

Submit your project online by sharing an image/video/file and a brief description of your project. Submissions close Monday 12th August. Entrants will receive a small prize and a certificate.


A big thank you to our generous sponsors. We could not run this competition without you!

Hell Pizza_Vegetarian Certified Proper Crisps - Vegan Certified by NZ Vegetarian Society Goodness Me - NZ Vegetarian Society Approved New Way - NZ Vegetarian Society Student Film Competition Sponsor

Thank you for Think Kind Australia for all the resources and for this wonderful competition idea!