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2019 Think Kind Competition Winners

2019 Think Kind Competition Winners

record number of entries have been submitted in 2019. We received so many well-written essays, poems, narratives, stories, letters, informative slides, cute drawings, creative posters, smart and educational videos, a song that has been performed in front of a whole class, action projects…and Scratch coding projects! The creativity of the students is very impressive! It made the judging process hard, but we have selected the top 10 best projects.

  1. Song – Tawhiti School – Sakyia O’Keeffe – Year 4

2. Education – Timatanga Community School – Ani Abraham – Year 8

3. Action – Sunnyhills School (Rajeev, Regan and Jerry) – Year 6

4. Project – Beach Cleanup – Nelson College for Girls – Year 9 Sophie Weenink Smith

Read about Sophie’s project here

5. Letter to PM (Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary) – Muskaan Hammarsal Year 5

Read the full letter from here

6. Scratch coding project – Animal Testing – St Joseph Pukekohe – Year 7 -Hector Williams (click on the photo or here)

7. Website – Samuel Marsden College – Year 10 – Alisa Elshout & Emily Deng

(click on the screenshot to go to the website) 

8. Poster – Mission Heights Junior College – Year 7 – Harmann Mahey 

9. Story – Berkley Normal Middle School – Year 8 – Kate Freeman

10. Poem – Botany Downs Secondary College – Year 12 – Palak Chadha

A big thank you to our generous sponsors. We could not run this competition without you!

The voting has now closed. The winner of the 2019 Think Kind People’s Choice Award is Sophie Weenink Smith from Nelson College for Girls. Congratulations Sophie, we’re very proud of you!

Sophie’s school will receive $1,000 (thanks to our generous sponsor, Linda McCartney).