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2020 Think Kind Competition Winners

This year we have received many well-written essays, poems, narratives, stories, letters, informative slides, cute drawings, creative posters, smart and educational videos, and a song! The creativity of the students is very impressive! It made the judging process hard, but we have selected the top 10 best projects.

These are the finalist entries of the 2020 Think Kind Student Competition!

Lilly Hulse (Year 7) Springbank School

Category winner of the 2020 Think Kind Student Competition

Evie Trotter (Year 7) Springbank School

2020 Think Kind Student Competition Winning Entry

Harmann Mahey (Year 8) Mission Heights Junior College

2020 Think Kind Student Competition Winning Entry – “I have made this artwork reflecting the message of “E mate ana a Papatuanuku” which means “Mother Earth is dying”. The art is incorporating the body of a lady (Mother Earth) and the many amazing features of Earth and New Zealand relating to the Maori culture crying because of the damage we have done to Earth; eg the fantail is whispering whilst sitting on a twig with no leaves, giving awareness to others that his home is in the urge of dying. Another example is the taniwha, getting fierce and aggressive due to the disturbance to the sea eg sea levels rising and pollution in oceans. The sun is also demostrating an impact of concern and worrisome upon the looking from above at Mother Earth.”

Charmy Goswami (Year 8) Mission Heights Junior College

Read Charmy’s speech on Animal Rights – click here

Emily Lawton (Year 6) St Patrick’s Taupo

Emily decided to fundraise for SAFE. She loves baking and her dog Daisy and decided to bake dog treats. She then asked people to buy them for a gold coin donation.

2020 Think Kind Competition winner

Gurvir Badwal (Year 8) Randwick Park School

Gurvir has written a poem about Animal Rights. Read the poem here.

Libby Sheleg (year 8) Northcross Intermediate School

Libby designed a mobile app for households to waste less food and raise awareness of the planet and animal welfare. Read about her app here.

Dion and Blake Hambrook (Year 4) Pinehill Primary School

A project board on preventing animals from going extinct because people want their skin, horns or shells.

Zoe Clements (Year 10) Albany Junior High School

2020 Think Kind Competition Winner

Angus Wang (Year 4) Smart & Aff Art Studio

Category winner of the 2020 Think Kind Student Competition