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Business Opportunities


Vegetarianism is growing rapidly in NZ. It presents an expanding market worth including in your business plan.  This group includes ethical consumers, the health conscious and enthusiastic foodies. It is also a group of people who tend to love food and love talking about food. It represents a target market of loyal consumers who actively share information with other vegetarians.

Vegetarian Society Approved programme

NZ Vegetarian Society Approve Logo - 100% vegetarian. A good business opportunity.We welcome any business with products that meet the NZVS approval criteria to apply for our Approved programme.  Approval allows you to enjoy the benefits of the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark and the marketing support we provide via social media, magazine, website and more.

Vegan Certification

New Zealand’s own certification standard that means consumers don’t need to read labels and investigate the origins of ingredients that may or may not be animal-based.

Corporate Membership

We also offer Corporate Membership for businesses with vegetarian products or ethos, which also includes a marketing package.

Advertising  &  Sponsorship

Advertising to our target market is available through our quarterly magazine and occasionally via our website.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

For further information, contact our NZVS Approved Manager: .

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