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Auckland Centre

Come and visit us for information, get a few free nutritional pamphlets or to check out the books and nutrition charts we have for sale (see available items at our webshop). We are at 10 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland. Normal opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am until 2pm but best to call (09 523 4686) to make sure someone is in the office.

What do we do in Auckland?

We help people go vegetarian and stay vegetarian
We publish a quarterly magazine, Vegetarian Living NZ and pamphlets on many aspects of veg~n living
Run a student competition each year in order to get students learning about the food they eat and the impact of their choices on their health, the environment and on animals
Arrange public events, talks, cooking demonstrations, movie & quiz night etc.
Run stalls at various Expos and Festivals where we promote a veg~n lifestyle
We provide advice and information to support families, individuals, health professionals, caterers and many others.
Run groups like the Active 4 Animals
We keep veg~nism in the news, feeding the real facts and representing veg~s across the NZ media.
Our Vegetarian Society Vegan and Vegetarian Trademarks accredit good practice and allow vegetarians and vegans to shop and eat out with confidence.

Don’t miss our events! Keep an eye out on our events calendar or sign up to our newsletter or even better, become a member!