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Community means belonging

When you first become vegetarian or vegan you may feel isolated from friends and family. You are eating differently, your belief in being kind to animals and the planet can make others feel threatened about the way they live, and they may not understand where you are coming from.

That’s why it's really important to connect with other like-minded people to realise you are not alone in this journey. Many others have gone through a similar process and they often have excellent and practical suggestions for how to handle any tricky situations which may arise.

The NZ Vegetarian Society can help by facilitating these connections with other vegetarians and vegans. We welcome you to our community, whether you are starting your vegetarian journey, looking for support as a vegetarian/vegan, or wanting to support us in the work we do.

There is always someone to chat to in our organisation and we look forward to you being part of a kinder, healthier world.

Next community events

  • NZ Vegetarian Society AGM
    28 Sep 2021
    Zoom meeting for our AGM that was postponed due to Covid.