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Corporate Member Products

Corporate Membership for Businesses
If you’re a business thinking about Corporate Membership, find more information here.

These companies have vegetarian and/or vegan products and are supporting the NZ Vegetarian Society as Corporate Members.

CareSaver Ethical KiwiSaver

Pathfinder-backed KiwiSaver scheme has recently partnered with us to help make a world of difference. They’re called CareSaver. They focus on investing ethically and donate 20% of their fees to charities like us when people choose to join them. Check out their ‘people, planet, principles and profit’ approach at caresaver.co.nz. Read more about their animal-welfare policies.

  • Green Dinner Table

    Green Dinner Table

    Eat more plants
    Green Dinner Table takes the hassle out of healthy eating by providing all the ingredients to cook restaurant quality plant-based meals at home.

  • Harraways


    Proudly homegrown oats
    This iconic Kiwi brand has been bringing premium, southern grown and Dunedin milled oats to New Zealand family tables for over 150 years. Harraways - proudly homegrown oats!

  • Linda McCartney's

    Linda McCartney's

    Food to come home to

  • Pathfinder Asset Management

    Pathfinder Asset Management

    Invest without harm
    The Global Water Fund goes further. Companies involved in animal testing and animal products are excluded, as well as Pathfinder's standard exclusions. More information here: www.bit.ly/pathfindervegan

  • Quorn


    The world’s favourite meat-free, soy-free food

  • Vocksocks


    For the love of animals
    Vocksocks are organic cotton socks and come packed in an eco-friendly recyclable box.