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The Six Foot Rats – Children’s Book


The Six-Foot Rats tells the story of two lab rats who come to the realisation that they are being used to find treatments for humans – not for Six-Foot Rats!

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) have teamed up with local artist Rebecca Gibbs to create an engaging storybook that introduces children to the scientific invalidity of animal-based research.

The book aims to introduce children to the important, yet sensitive issue of animal testing in a light and engaging manner. Whilst this topic is a serious and often upsetting one, The Six Foot Rats instead focuses on the fundamental truth (stressing the FUN), as discovered by the lab rats in the book: animals are not humans and it is strange and bizarre to compare the two.

NZAVS are aiming to educate as many young Kiwi minds as possible about the important issue of animal testing with this book.

The Six Foot Rats has already received positive reviews from Jane Goodall (Ph.D., Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace), Nichola Kriek (Head of Education, SAFE ) and Craig Smith (Author of The Wonkey Donkey and Musician).

The book has also been sponsored by multiple organisations and companies who also want to see an end to animal experimentation, including the NZ Vegetarian Society.

The Six Foot Rats is an important and powerful educational tool disguised as a fun and colourful children’s book!

This amusing story with its vibrant illustrations will be a hit with children of all ages (and maybe some of us adult kids as well!)

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