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THINK KIND 2021 – Student Competition – closes 16th August 2021

We are happy to announce that entries are now open for the 2021 Think Kind Competition! The competition is open to all students from year 0 to 13 and it aims to get students thinking about being kind – to animals, our planet, and each other. 

Students can choose any project, such as an essay, a short film, a poster/mural, a scratch coding project, a speech or a dance, a school fundraiser, or a petition, etc., as long as the topic relates to being kind to animals. (Check out previous year’s winning projects for ideas!)

Every student who enters will receive a certificate and every project will be given a small prize. The overall winner will be determined by a people’s choice vote, and will be announced on 1st October, World Vegetarian Day. The entry that wins the People’s Choice Award will receive $1,000 for their school.

Please make sure you read the full guidelines/conditions of entry: 2021 TK conditions of entry.

SUBMIT your entry.

Check out our Resources page for guidelines, posters, inspiration, lesson plans and more! Have a look before you enter the 2021 Think Kind Student Competition.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors! We could not have done it without you!

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We’re thrilled about the great feedback we have got from teachers, parents, and students over the years. 

“All the kids had great fun creating their entries. They loved how creative they could be. We had lots of great conversations about animals, ethics and sustainability.” – Christine from Sunnyhills School.

“It’s been incredible for our school as they really celebrate our students’ success … and overall the culture created during that period was massive and a huge boost to School Spirit when we beat much larger schools … hopefully it’s challenged their perceptions and views they might have previously had.” – Llanyon Joe from Putaruru College. 

Some comments from the students:

I learned all about what happens to animals and I know it is real, happening in New Zealand and needs to be fixed. I am now going to keep speaking up for them.” – Hope from St Joseph’s School, Pukekohe. 

Our mural is currently being shown on our classroom wall. We would like to think that our fellow classmates now know more about animal cruelty due to the facts displayed on the poster”. – Georgia and Olivia from Hastings Girls High School.

A lovely postcard from Evie Trotter and Lilly Hulse from Springbank School.

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If you have questions, email us at info@vegetarian.org.nz.