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Nourish Your Hair, Nurture the Earth: Holistic Hair's Sustainable Beauty

10 June 2024
Nourish Your Hair, Nurture the Earth: Holistic Hair's Sustainable Beauty

Founded in 2006, Holistic Hair is the brainchild of Nicky and Jodene, two visionary entrepreneurs with a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of plants. Acquiring the brand in 2015, they brought their trichology qualifications and a shared vision to create a trusted name in natural hair care, harnessing nature's bounty for sustainable solutions that enhance scalp and hair health.

At Holistic Hair, profit is balanced with purpose. The brand is committed to environmental sustainability, social causes, and ethical practices, embodying strong values that resonate through every product and initiative. Their products are meticulously crafted to adhere to the principles of a circular economy, incorporating plant-based ingredients supported by scientific research to provide effective solutions for scalp and hair well-being.

One of Holistic Hair's core beliefs is to approach hair care holistically, considering internal and external factors to deliver exceptional results consistently. Their holistic philosophy, combined with trichology expertise and plant-based formulations, forms the foundation of their range, which is Vegan Certified and Vegetarian Approved by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

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Moreover, Holistic Hair is Plastic Neutral Plus Certified with CleanHub, ensuring they recover and recycle more plastic than they use, contributing to a cleaner environment. They also use 100% recycled PET1 plastic bottles, further mitigating their impact on the earth.

The award-winning range includes a carefully curated selection of scalp and hair products, blending natural origin, plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, quinoa pro-NPNF, crambisol, rosemary, apple cider vinegar, and manuka honey. Holistic Hair has received numerous global awards, including Best of Natural 2022 and Best of Natural 2023 for their Essential Scalp Spray and Quinoa Pro Colour Protect, respectively, and most recently, their Scalp Treatment Oil won Best Scalp Soother at the Prevention Australia Hair Care Awards.

Join Holistic Hair in removing harsh chemicals from your beauty routine and returning to nature. Visit www.holistichair.co.nz and use code VEGAN20 to receive 20% off your order, and embark on your scalp and hair well-being journey today.