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Our Baker’s Son Pie Review

20 March 2020
Our Baker’s Son Pie Review

I was given the chance to try the new Vegan Mince & Cheddar pie from The Baker’s Son. I’d been looking forward to getting my hands on one the entire time I was reviewing it for Vegan Certification – sometimes this job makes me really hungry!

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Every part of this pie is perfect, from the pastry to the mince and cheese filling. You can cook it in the oven (recommended) or the microwave (much quicker), and either way, it will turn out really well. I cannot rate this pie highly enough – it’s the perfect snack for vegans who miss the mince and cheese pies they grew up with.

The only problem is you’ll want to eat one every day, they’re that good! – Philip McKibbin (Trademark Manager)