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Vegetarian Approval

Vegetarian Approval

The Vegetarian Society Approved programme is administered by the NZ Vegetarian Society, under licence from the UK Vegetarian Society. The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark helps consumers to easily identify vegetarian products.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are only licensed to products that meet our strict criteria. This isn’t done on a self-certification basis and  accreditation involves independent ingredient and production method checking by our experts here at NZVS.

By displaying our vegetarian and vegan trademarks, not only are you reassuring your customers they can trust your products, but as a client of the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark scheme you also have the credibility of being permitted to display the most long-standing and well-established trademark of its type – and you have the peace of mind that you can be certain your products are suitable for your vegetarian or vegan target market.

We don’t just license our trademarks to food products – they are displayed on food, drink, alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and beauty products, household and cleaning products, health products, things for the baby, pet foods, restaurants, pubs and a whole lot more!

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If you have questions, email trademark@vegetarian.org.nz