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and the WINNER is...


Janaki Kallidai - V2.png

With her thought-provoking speech, Janaki has won an amazing $1,000 which will be donated to her school thanks to our generous sponsor Cookie Time! Check out her full speech here.

Thank you to all the students who entered the competition. We hope to see you participate again in 2024! 

2023 Top 10 projects

Caitlin Thwaites & Ella Tait

Artwork. Year 8 from Chisnallwood Intermediate School.

The project is to show that animals cannot fight for themselves or control their future. The syringe represents the injections that the animals are forced to get, the cow and pig represent their slaughter for someone's dinner and the rabbit represents animal testing with cosmetics.

Caitlin Thwaites.png

Janaki Kallidai

Speech. Year 9 from Hare Krishna School.

Janaki Kallidai - V2.png

Click here to view speech.

I absolutely dislike the fact that people in society eat animals. People generally say that we should all be kind to animals and treat them with respect, just as we want to feel respected. Still, those people eat meat, and I hate it. So, to try to stop this cruel act, I wrote a speech about the importance of reducing meat consumption, only in the pure hope that my speech will persuade people to stop eating meat.

Phoebe Suoliu

Artwork. Year 7 from Murray's Bay Intermediate school.

Phoebe Suoliu.png

In my project/artwork, I incorporated various art techniques such as sketching, watercolor, color pencil, alcohol markers, and digital art. These techniques were used to highlight the potential future consequences of animal harm and environmental pollution.

Zoe Clements

Poster. Year 13 from Albany Senior High School. 

Zoe Clements.png

I have created a poster about adopting pets instead of buying them from breeders.

Suia Samuelu

Song. Year 10 from Palmerston North Girls High School.

Click here to view lyrics

This is a song I wrote to help people understand about 'Think Kind'.

Scarlett Cachatoor-Faber

Comic. Year 8 from Tauranga Adventist School.

Scarlett Cachatoor-Faber.png

Click here to view full comic.

A comic I hand-drew about schools promoting vegetarianism and how that changed a factory farming company to be more animal-friendly. 

Mishika Chawla

Speech. Year 7 from Papatoetoe Intermediate.

Mishika Chawla.png

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I learned about the harm that is done to animals. I chose this project to explain to people why it is important to be kind to animals. 

Hanna Zych

Artwork. Year 6 from St. Benedicts School Khandallah.

Hama Zych.pdf (1).png

One girl is very angry at animals and is being mean. We need to tell her to stop this. She is making the puppy sad. The other girl is being kind and loves her cat, which makes him happy.

Rachel Gammon

Advert. Year 11 from Wellington Girls College.

Rachel Gammon .png
An image of packaged steak with the quotes "Don't overthink it" and "Be kind, go vegetarian". The package of steak has a label for "Happy Cow, Grade A Steak," a made-up company. The poster is showing a hypothetical quote from what the owner of the company would say: do not overthink that cows would be happy to be steak. The poster then says to go vegetarian.

William Gu

Poster. Year 7 from Wentworth College.

William Gu.png

I, as a human, decided to express my gratitude towards all the animals and about the cruelty and pain they are going through while humans are spoiled and want the world only to themselves and see animals as toys or food. With a creative selection of art techniques and many brushes and pens, I have created and researched for weeks about animal cruelty and how humans simply use them as if they are not living things. In conclusion, we have to do something to stop animal cruelty and save those innocent lives used and trapped in despair.

2023 Runner-up projects

Susannah Hovell

Year 9 from Whangarei Girls High School.

Susannah Hovell.png

Logan Daly 

Year 8 from Chisnallwood Intermediate School.

Logan Day_.png

Erin Wu

Year 4 from Cornwall Park District School.

Erin Wu (1).png

Shanaya McElhinney

Year 9 from Marlborough Girls College.

Shanaya McElhinney.png

Phoebe Guo

Year 10 from Mission Heights Junior College.

Phoebe Guo.png

Xuanya Gu

Year 6 from Scott Point School.

Xuanya Gu.png

Georgia Blyde

Year 3 from St Andrews College.

Click here to listen to the World of Amazing Animals song.

Lene Kardel

Year 6 from Tamariki School.

Lene Kardel.png

Nitai-Caitanya Stansfield

From Hare Krishna School.

Untitled design (10).png

Click here to view video

Luka Babic

Year 4 from Bayfield Primary.

Mila Hancock

Year 2 from Omata School.

Milla Hancock.png

Freya Newbould

Year 12 from Howick College.

Rivith Madhasekara

Year 7 from Waikowhai Intermediate.

Anna Chan 

Year 3 from Whangaparaoa Primary.

Anna Chan and Clifford Chan.png

Tihon Pyntyo

Year 6 from Rudolf Steiner School.

Tihon Pyntyo.png