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2022 Winner

Here you will find details on how to vote when the top 10 entries for 2023 are announced on 1st October. For now, check out the 2022 winner and runner-up projects below for inspiration!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to year 7 student Cynthia Suoliu from Murrays Bay Intermediate who is the winner of the Think Kind student competition 2022! 

The Mirror - Cynthia Suoliu - Top Ten_.pdf

The People's Choice Award WINS $1,000 for Murrays Bay Intermediate! 

Thank you once again to everyone who entered in 2022, the calibre of entries last year was very high! We look forward to seeing you participate again this year.

2022 Top 10 projects

Lily Carrington

Lamb to Slaughter story. Year 12 from Te Kura. 

Lamb to Slaughter - Narrative by Lily Carrington - Top Ten (002).pdf

Click the link to view the full story. Lamb to Slaughter - Narrative by Lily Carrington 

Eva Stewart

My Friends poem. Year 3 from Rolleston School.

My Friends - Eva Stewart - Top Ten.pdf

Holly Mayne

Why You Should Become a Vegetarian story. Year 8 from Northcross Intermediate.

Why we should become a vegetarian - Holly Mayne - Top Ten_.pdf

Click the link to view the full story. Why we should become a vegetarian

Helka Salo

Stop Animal Cruelty poster. Year 7 from Ponsonby Intermediate.

Stop Animal Cruelty - Helka Salo - Top Ten_.pdf

Amy Gilbert

The Bullet poem. Year 7 from Selwyn House School.

The Bullet - Amy Gilbert - Top Ten.pdf

Priya Bartlett

95% Goose Down poem. Year 10 from Burnside High School.

95% goose down - Priya Bartlett - Top Ten (003).pdf

Lyla Skinner & Liz Nicolls

Animal Gymnast video. Year 5 from Owairaka District School.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 140830.jpg

Click here to watch the video

Varisha Yang Zefrani

Rescue the Animals game. Year 5 from Timaru South School.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 140604.jpg

Click here to play the game

Cynthia Suoliu

Habitat Destruction poster. Year 7 from Murrays Bay Intermediate.

The Mirror - Cynthia Suoliu - Top Ten_.pdf

Aticha Suphaskuldamrong & Cynthia Ian

Lab Grown Meat video. Year 8 from Westburn School.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 141019.jpg

Click here to watch the video

2022 Runner-up projects

Jessica Feng

Year 8 from Ellerslie School.

Why you should stop eating cows - Jessica Feng - Excellent.pdf

Mila Vooght 

Year 3 from The Head Office.

Poster and Photo - Mila Vooght - Excellent.pdf

Daniel Lovewell

Year 9 from Rathkeale College.

Daniel Lovewell - Farm to Plate Poem - Excellent.pdf

Serena Mackle

Year 8 from Selwyn House Group.

Spirit of Kaitiakitanga - Serena Mackle - Excellent - one page.pdf

Click the link to view the full poem: Spirit of Kaitiakitanga - Serena Mackle 

Zoe Clements

Year 12 from Albany Senior High School.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 131828.jpg

Click the link to read the story: Native endangered frogs - Zoe Clements 

Logan Daly

Year 7 from Chisnallwood Intermediate School.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 132824.jpg

Dana-Keli Van Wout 

Year 2 from Home School

Dana Keli Van Wout - Love Heart Fox- Excellent.pdf

Rayaan Rastogi

Year 3 from Prebbleton School.

Rayaan border.jpg

Click here to watch the video

Karni Boock

Year 12 from Rangitoto College.

Karni - Bee Kind - Excellent.pdf

Luka Babic

Year 3 from Bayfield Primary.

Luka - Dont Kill Animals - Excellent.pdf

Recreate Group Project

Year 9-13 from Recreate Moxi / Life Skills.

Recreate - Group Project - Painting - Excellent (002).pdf

Roseana Baker 

Year 6 from Lynmore School Rotorua.

Screenshot 2022-09-28 083637.jpg

Click here to watch the video

Arlo Skinner

Year 8 from Pasadena Intermediate school.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 230200.jpg

Click the link to play the game