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Think kind

2021 entries

Check out this year’s competition-winning projects. We’re super proud of these students, such creativity and caring for animals is touching.

How to vote

The votes are in! We would like to announce that Rayaan Rastogi is this year's winner with his amazing video! Rayaan has won $1000 which will be given to his school; Perbbleton School! 

Congratulations Rayaan!

We'd also like to thank all the finalists, runner-ups, and everyone else who had submitted an entry! We'll see you all at the start of next year's competition in March! 

Top 10 projects

Cynthia Suoliu

(Year 6) from Mairangi Bay School.

Think Kind Cynthia-suoliu.jpg

Priya Bartlett

(Year 9) from Burnside High School.

Priya's poem:

Priya 2.png

Rayaan Rastogi

(Year 2) from Prebbleton School.

Damian Carter

(Year 7) from Devon Intermediate School.

Damian has created a video game to highlight the pollution in the ocean. Click on the link below to play.

Save The Marine Life


Raelyn Zhai

(Year 4) from Upper Harbour Primary School.


Grace Evans

(Year 7) from Selwyn House School.

Grace has written a poem titled Fur Coat. 


Caelyn Hossack

(year 2) Homeschool.


Noah, Elijah, Luke, Guy, and Otto Wright(Ages 13, 11, 9, 7 & 4) from Gisborne Primary, Gisborne Intermediate, and Gisborne Boys High School.

Harmann Mahey and Daniah Al-Adhami

(Year 9) from Mission Heights Junior College.

Harmann, Daniah, and some friends initiated a beach clean-up. Read all about their project here.

Beach cleanup.png

Milly Grieve

(Year 9) from Green Bay High School.

A poem by Milly:

Milly 2.png

Runner-up projects

Eva Stewart

(Year 2) from Rolleston School.


Owen Yu

(Year 5) from Browns Bay School.


Phoebe Suoliu

(Year 5) from Mairangi Bay School.


Meirui Chen

(Year 7) from Murray Bay Intermediate.


Zoe Clements

(Year11) from Albany Senior High School.


Jenny Chen

(Year 5) from Murrays Bay School.


Alice Zhang

(Year 5) from Springlands School.


Andrew Qin

(year 4) Pinehurst School.


Jessie Mercer

(Year 9) from St Andrews College.

Jessie 2.png

Auston Zheng

(Year 5) from Upper Harbour Primary.


Curie Yin

(Year 3) from Lynmore Primary School.


Chelsea Cai

(Year 6) from ACG Parnell College.


Daniel Qu

(Year 5) from Glamorgan School.


Cindy Wang

(Year 5) from Pinehurst School.


2020 past winners

If you want to check the winners for the 2020 Student Competition please click here.