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The Search for Silva - Fiona Goulding

The Search for Silva - Fiona Goulding


The Search for Silva is a beautifully illustrated children’s sophisticated picture book. Written from the point of view of animals, in the genre of an armchair treasure hunt, it is aimed at promoting compassion and empathy towards animals.

Concealed within its pages lie a series of written and visual clues as to the whereabouts of Silva, a missing calf, somewhere in New Zealand. Readers join Sam, a welcome swallow, as he journeys with Silva’s mother Cindy on her desperate search for her baby. On their travels they meet other animals and learn of their experiences. Be the first to work out Silva’s location and a prize awaits you!

It is written and illustrated by award winning artist Fiona Goulding, New Zealand’s first member of Artists for Conservation, the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment.

The Search for Silva is a 32 page book containing 15 illustrations. It is aimed specifically at 8-10 year olds but does not exclude readers either side of this age bracket. It is an educational, yet fun and engaging, look at animal’s lives and the influence people can have on them.