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THINK KIND Competition – Activity Sheets

THINK KIND Competition – Activity Sheets

Check out these new and exciting activity resources! Download them for free. These are great resources to give to students to make them think about the importance of treating animals kindly. 
Please note, we do not accept these activity sheets as an entry to the Think Kind competition.  Students are expected to create a project on their own.

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Colour In Sheets  

The strongest land animals are herbivores. 

Colour In Sheet

Fish are friends not food.

Colour In Sheet

Pigs are smart animals and deserve our compassion.
NZVS - THINK KIND - Colour In - Rodeo

Rodeo – Colour in sheet

Animals are not here to entertain us!

NZVS - THINK KIND - Colour In - Plastic Pollution Plastic Pollution 
NZVS - THINK KIND - Colour In - Kea Kea – our smart, cheeky & beautiful parrots. 
Maze Escapes  
Think Kind Activity Sheet_Pig Maze

Help Mama Pig & Her babies escape from the factory farm into the sunshine



How can you protect sharks?



Help the mum dairy cow get her baby back!

Dairy Cow Maze (Hard) 

Help chicken friends escape the battery farm
Rescue the puppy from the laboratory

Dot to Dot Discovery  
Curious animal, closest relative to Tyrannosaurus rex. Who is it?
Intelligent animal with a great sense of smell. Who is it?
dot to dot_C Gentle giant. Who is it?