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THINK KIND Competition – Resources

THINK KIND Competition – Resources

Resources for the Think Kind Student Competition – guidelines, posters, inspiration, lesson plans, and more!

Here are some resources that you may find useful. Have a look before you enter the 2021 Think Kind Student Competition.

If you haven’t already, please make sure you read the guidelines/conditions of entry!

2021 TK conditions of entry

Project ideas – download this document for some cool ideas.

Think Kind Project ideas

Thinking of shooting a short film? Check out this guide.

How to make a short film

If you are sending a physical project, please use an Individual Postal Form (i.e. one student created the project) or a Team Postal Form (i.e. project was made by more than one student). PLEASE ONLY USE THIS FOR PHYSICAL PROJECTS THAT YOU ENCLOSE WITH THIS FORM.

Online projects (e.g. videos, poems, speeches) should be submitted ONLINE through

If you are sending multiple projects, please make sure to include an entry form for each project and make sure they are labeled so we know which entry form belongs to which project.

Supporting forms – if you use music, actors in your short film, you’ll need to fill out these forms too. If you haven’t referenced the facts use mentioned in your project (e.g. you can include them in the credits in the short film, in case it’s an essay, you can just write references in the essay etc.) please fill out a reference form too. Download Supporting Forms

Need more inspiration, ideas? Check out the winning projects from previous years or check out our youtube channel.


Free educational and fun resources – maze escapes, dot-to-dot discoveries, colour-in sheets and more! Check out our Think Kind Activity Sheets.


Thank you for looking at this competition for your students. We know teachers are busy people, so we’ve provided some resources to help make this easy for you. 

The THINK KIND competition is a great motivation for students. Every project will be rewarded with a prize and every participant will get a certificate. Here are some project ideas for teachers to choose from, or feel free to think up your own.

In Auckland we can also have an experienced speaker available – get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a school talk.

Download the competition poster to display in the classroom/noticeboard etc. 

Think Kind Poster

Project ideas – download this document for some cool ideas.

Project Ideas

NZ Curriculum-based lesson plans

Lesson Plans 1-3 Years

Lesson Plans 4-6 Years

Lesson Plans 4-7 Years

Lesson Plans 8-11 Years

Need more ideas/help or having trouble entering the competition? Let us know about it. Email us on

Q & A

Can homeschooled students enter the competition?

Yes. Should they become the People’s Choice winner, instead of their school, their chosen charity (must be a New Zealand based charity that protects animals) would receive the $1,000.

Can I enter multiple projects?

Absolutely! By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of winning one of the spot prizes!

Do I have to be vegetarian to enter?

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enter, but your project must be consistent with vegetarianism (i.e. your project should not advocate for eating animals, free-range or otherwise).

Can I submit a project that focuses on environmental protection?

Yes, as long as it’s related to being kind to animals. For example, if your project is about cleaning up your neighbourhood from rubbish, you must show us how it will benefit animals. Or, you could focus on how reducing our meat consumption (which clearly helps animals) benefits the environment (less meat means less greenhouse gas emission, less need for deforestation, less waste, less pressure on wildlife).

Can my project focus on any animal?

Yes. You can enter any project that shows kindness to any animal, whether they are companion animals (i.e. cats, dogs), animals that are used for experimentation, animals used for entertainment, animals used for food, animals used for clothing, wild animals, sea animals, birds… You could even focus on how being kind to farm animals (by not eating them) is kind to wild animals too (check out how).

Can I do a project on vegetarian athletes or other vegetarian heroes?

Yes, being vegetarian is clearly kind to animals. You can start a project featuring your favourite vegetarian athletes or other heroes – such as Gandhi or Jane Goodall, etc.

Can my project be exclusively about health & food?

Yes, as long as it’s about vegetarian food. Ditching meat is obviously kind to animals by definition, therefore, you may focus your project on vegetarian food and/or the health benefits of being vegetarian.

When and how will I get a certificate?

You’ll receive your certificate once the competition is closed by email. Please make sure the email address is valid.

When will I receive my gift?

Once the competition is closed, every project will be rewarded with an emailed gift. If you haven’t received your gift by mid-October, let us know.

If certificates and prizes are only awarded later in the year, why should I enter early?

Because we have some awesome spot prizes and we’ll draw winners periodically from March. The earlier you enter, the higher your chances are for scoring one of these gifts!

I am a teacher and entering several projects. What are my options?

If you have many students entering, e.g. a class or several classes, you don’t need to upload every project individually, contact us for a simplified entry form.