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Vegan Chocolate Snacks

10 mins
Serves 4-8
Savoury pancakes

Using the divine  Dark Caramel 70% Solomons Gold Chocolate separated into nibble sizes, this is always my go-to quick snack.


  • 90g Dark Caramel 70% Solomons Gold Chocolat (any dairy-free chocolate alternative)
  • 60g of any seed, dried fruit, dried coconut or all three
  • 30g Coconut oil 


This is always my go-to quick snack because it uses the exquisite Dark Caramel 70% Solomons Gold Chocolate, divided into nibble sizes cubes.

Each compartment in an ice cube tray should contain one teaspoon of your dry ingredients.

The chocolate and coconut oil should be double boiled until melted. After that, thoroughly blend your dry ingredients.

Put your chocolate-covered ingredients in the tray of condiments once they are completely covered.

Place it in the freezer for up to an hour. then indulge in a quick-to-grab vegan delight.